Why should you choose Carpet?

Why should you choose Carpet?


Carpet has been a popular choice for decades. But fashions change, more people are looking at alternative flooring choices to style their homes. Today, you can find high-quality carpets across the price spectrum and have many benefits for your family home.

At Maltby’s of Chester, we love the feel of new carpet. It's practical and luxurious, and still a great choice for your home.

Winter warmth

Carpet is great for retaining heat, which if you’re environmentally conscious means you can conserve some energy as carpet physically retains more heat than other flooring solutions. Keep your toes warm in the icy winter mornings with Sedna - Varuna 03, Nougat is super soft, luxurious and a carpet that is saving sea life!


One of the most popular ranges and if you have young children you will understand. Stain-resistant carpets are perfect if you have little ones that enjoy knocking over juice or, the occasional dinner… Our favourite is Cormar Carpets – Primo Ultra, Cloudy Bay bleach cleaning nylon, a fibre recognised for its stain resistance and hardwearing properties.

Stepping in silence

When was the last time you walked on hardwood flooring? You probably heard echoing as you were walking on it. Carpet is ideal for absorbing excess sound from your flooring creating a relaxed, pleasant ambience. Adam Carpets – Pure Brit carpet is perfect for maintaining a peaceful acoustic in sophisticated style.

Are you still undecided on hardwood, LVT or carpet? Visit our experienced team in-store or contact us online today and we will be happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your needs.


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