What type of flooring is best for stairs?

What type of flooring is best for stairs?

It’s the part of the house you probably think of last when it comes to making a change. But stairs are an area of the home that deals with the most frequent footfall and can make a lasting impact on our guests’ memories of our home.

Better known for their practicality rather than the showpiece of the home, we’re here to tell you why its time to consider updating the carpet that’s looking a bit worse for wear.

Carpet or Real Wood Flooring?

With such heavy traffic, the material you choose is key, carpet is a popular choice as it reduces noise and adds a luxurious, familiar feel as you head upstairs to bed.

Carpet offers more grip for your feet if you're prone to accidents and should be considered if you have little ones running around the house!

On the other hand, real wooden flooring also offers more durability and often adds value when a home is listed for sale.

Solid wood flooring brings a strong, simple and sophisticated finish to a home, which leads to a lasting impression. It's often hard to forget a home that has a prominent wooden staircase complimenting the home's interior.

At Maltby’s of Chester, we adore fitting a stair runner that suits our customer’s wooden flooring and hallway space, the best of both worlds!

With over 70 years’ experience let Maltby’s of Chester lend their expertise and help you choose the perfect type of flooring for your stairs.

Contact us to get your free quote today and book a free measure.

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