What to consider before buying your next carpet

What to consider before buying your next carpet

It's not every day you buy a new carpet. The typical carpet lifespan is 5 to 15 years, so when you do take the plunge you don't want to get it wrong.

At Maltby's of Chester, we have friendly fitters and over 70 years' experience, keen to help you find the perfect fit for your home at a great price.

We know you'll be walking, playing and maybe even exercising on your new carpet so it needs to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and fit perfectly in both durability and lifestyle. So why choose carpets?

Carpet adds character

Carpets can give a space a new identity, adding their style and complementing soft furnishings. Neutral carpets add a feel of relaxation but if you're interested in making a statement we love Cormar Carpet and their Avebury Stripe, Tidworth Stripe. Striped loop pile carpet, from pure New Zealand wool, it's one of the best underfoot experiences too.

New and neutral

Neutral carpets provide the perfect backdrop to your interior choice and are resilient to change. After all, it's much easier to change the colour of your wall every summer than your flooring! Our favourite is Ulster Carpets Open Spaces Laneve collection and their Auckland Concrete grey carpet. This loop pile carpet is excellent for lots of wear and is a great choice for hallways and stairs.

From fishing net to carpet

Sedna carpets are made with Econyl®, a yarn from recycled old carpets and abandoned fishing nets at the bottom of the sea to create super-soft carpets. Not just a great cause, Yara 90 is extremely soft and provides the luxurious feel you wouldn't associate with abandoned fishing nets! Try it in Marble in your bedroom, designed to be used intensively the carpet will stand the test of time whilst looking gorgeous.

Interested in updating your carpets? At Maltby's of Chester, our family business with over 70 years' experience offers an unparalleled service. Contact us today or visit our showroom, our highly experienced, knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you.

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