Rekindle your love affair with flooring

Rekindle your love affair with flooring


As we reflect on the trends from 2018, we’re looking to give our homes some additional TLC throughout the month of love. 2019 will see a surge of bolder and bigger trends to add vibrancy to your home and help to rekindle old flames of adoring your interior. Which will you go for?

Pink to make them wink

What better way to celebrate the most loving month than with a re-design of your home that intertwines shades of red and pink? The fun shades of ice cream colours accentuate minimal yet playful interiors that are sure to allow for bolder furnishings. We recommend accessorising a pastel pink floor with a vibrant sofa for maximum effect.

Tonal Reds

We couldn’t enter February without adding warmer tones of burning red to our interiors. Make your home more inviting with red flooring that will carry you through 2019 feeling a little warmer than previous years.

Blinded by the best

We’re lovers of the perfect set of blinds to add something a little extra to your home. The pleated Excell Blinds not only add a fun pop of colour to your room but are also the perfect way to get your home ready for the lighter days of spring.

Looking for something to warm your heart? Why not check out our brand new ranges of flooring. Get in contact with us for a free measure.


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