Play with Pattern

Play with Pattern

As we leave the January blues behind, say goodbye to minimalism and take the plunge by bringing patterns into your home. Playing with colour, shape and print can bring a new source of energy and personality into your room. Here at Maltby’s of Chester, we can help find the pattern to suit you.

Geometric Shapes

A modern patterned carpet has been said to be one of the biggest industry trends this year. Moroccan trellis, herringbone and hexagonal design carpets make a show-stopping statement. With many versatile choices, you’ll be able to find the right carpet design that can be integrated into your home.

Flower Power

If a patterned carpet is a little too out there for you then why not consider renewing your curtains or blinds. Not only will this make a dramatic difference to your room but also provides a more cost-effective and sustainable solution. Why not be bold and venture into the world of floral design. Bringing elements of nature into the home has been found to make us happier, let us help you choose the best colour palette for your room. Spring will certainly have come early!

A Wilder Side

Do you want to express your wilder side in your home? It may not be for everyone but if you’re feeling courageous, animal prints can be incorporated to provide diversity and glamour. Perhaps a wall-to-wall leopard print carpet may be too much for some, but consider an animal print rug or home accessories to compliment the colour palette of your home.


We’ve heard of layering in fashion however, it’s now time to incorporate this principle into your home. Patterns and print bring contrast to a room adding interest and depth. Set the tone of your room with a patterned rug and use additional layers of complementary and contrasting patterns around your room in smaller sizes to complement such patterns. Pick up patterns in your cushions, throws, curtain and blinds.

If you want to find a way to bring patterns into your home, contact Maltby’s of Chester today.

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