Let There Be Space!

Let There Be Space!



With the summer months coming to an end, we are sadly and inevitably all going to have to spend more time indoors.

Decorating a small space in preparation for the colder months can be quite a challenge. So why not learn how to maximise a small space with Maltby’s of Chester? There’s nothing worse than clutter, so make the most of every square inch with these easy and inspiring decorating ideas.


Just as with clothes, vertical stripes on rugs or carpets will give the illusion that a space is elongated. Stripes that are orientated to follow the length of the room will give the optimal effect.

Breaking up the space

Using rugs to break up a room is another good way of making a space seem larger. This trick creates the illusion of multiple areas, making it feel as if there is more space. This is particularly useful in studio apartments. Why not take a look at Roger Oates rugs and runner designs, perfect for adding class and style to any room?

Use light colours

While dark colours can make a room feel cosier, they absorb light and prevent it from reflecting off surfaces. This reflection is what can make a room feel bigger rather than cramped. Opt for lighter coloured floors and walls to make the room feel more spacious. We particularly love Cormar Carpets Wool Twist range.

Get the paint

Give your ceiling a bit of love with a lick of paint or some fresh wallpaper. Not only does this have the potential to brighten up the room, but also it will draw attention upwards making the space feel larger

Less is more

When dealing with smaller spaces, we sometimes fall into the trap of buying smaller furniture and decorations to make the most of the space. However, by filling the space with lots of little things only exacerbates this feeling of clutter. Instead go for fewer furnishings that are large and bold.

Maltby’s of Chester have over 50 years of experience, so let the team offer its expertise to ensure you choose the right carpet or flooring for you and your family needs, helping you to make the most of your home.

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