Interior summer statements

Interior summer statements


There's something beautiful about summer interior decor. Those boho influences, breezy fabrics and natural fibres associated with summer and make you want to brighten up your home. Who says this décor only must last throughout summer?
Check out these interior design trends to give your home a summery vibe for the season and the rest of the year.



Consider natural wood flooring
Natural wood flooring can make any home seem more bohemian and summery. The natural elements of it bring understated elegance and a light, airy feeling to any room. If your design taste is more minimalist, then opt for natural wood to also make a room feel more spacious.

Colour statement
As more people opt for minimalist designs this summer, pops of colour are making a comeback. Open spaces are very in and so colour statements have been rising in popularity to brighten up a room and make focus pieces stand out. Get yourself a bold statement piece and be sure to wow guests.


Minimalist design
Minimalist design always comes back around, this way you can add your own touch and will never get bored. Minimalism offers practicality and a seamless design.


It’s time for the blues
Blue is the colour of bright summer skies and a perfect reminder of the season; no wonder interior designers love this colour in summer. If you’re truly a minimalist and pops of colour seem daunting, then soft blues are a great place to start and a lovely reminder of bright days.


Let’s stay neutral
White, beige, and pale grey are all colours usually used in beach homes. But who says they should only be used on beach homes for a summery feel? These neutral colours are beautiful throughout all the seasons and are one of the biggest trends of 2021. No matter what colour scheme you opt for in your home, neutrals will go with it all.


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