Hard Flooring Is The Top Trend For 2019

Hard Flooring Is The Top Trend For 2019

As we approach the second half of 2019, this years flooring trends have become much more apparent, with hard flooring once again stealing the show. Whether you want to swap out your carpet or update your current flooring, this year’s on trend styles will definitely provide you with plenty of inspiration.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Wood

Wood-look tiles have proved all the rage this year, with many opting for them over the real thing. They offer a detail rich finish that leaves you with a look of luxurious hard wood but also the durability of tile. We recommend looking at lighter tones and hues to stay right on top of this year’s interior trends.

Parquet Patterns

Parquet flooring is experiencing a revival this year, with the classic style being favored by homeowners. Implementing parquet flooring into your home has the ability to transform any room, adding character through shape and design. We’re particularly fond of the traditional herringbone layout, but whichever pattern you choose is guaranteed to bring personality and class to your home.

Contrast Is Key

In the kitchen, dark surfaces and appliances have proved a lasting trend in 2019. These dark tones can offer a high-quality finish but can easily become overwhelming. To strike the perfect balance, incorporate light or pale flooring into your kitchen, creating contrast that will draw attention to the right places and lighten up your space.

If you want to stay on trend when updating your flooring this summer, get in touch with Maltby’s of Chester to book in for our free measuring service.


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