Give Your Carpet Some Spring Lovin’

Give Your Carpet Some Spring Lovin’





With Spring in full swing it’s time to get out the marigolds out, give a little elbow grease and treat our homes a good old spring clean. While dusting and de-cluttering come a standard, many of us forget to give our trusty carpets a little extra T.L.C, so here at Maltby’s we’ve compiled some helpful tips.

Complete deep clean

The ultimate in luxury carpet care is obviously having your carpet professionally cleaned by one of the following methods;

  • Carpet shampoo is an effective method. However, it’s important to not apply too much, or drench the carpet. Use sparingly, and avoid scrubbing the carpet too fiercely
  • Steam Cleaning dries more quickly and brilliant for large surfaces
  • You can also dry clean carpets professionally they use dry chemical compounds or cleaning solvents

Au-naturel alternative

Want to bust stains but keep chemicals and powdered cleaning products to a minimum? Try these supermarket essentials, which are kind to your carpet and wallet.

  • Baking soda can be used to remove stains, but it’s also great for absorbing nasty smells
  • Ice is the best solution for any stuck chewing gum
  • Soda water or tonic water helps remove coffee stains
  • Salt is ideal for getting rid of mud and for soaking up fresh stains
  • Vinegar and warm water can also be applied with a cloth to get rid of just about any smelly stain

Top tip

Always dab a stain, never rub or scrub it before any products have been applied as this will smudge the stain and spread it further. Rubbing will also push whatever caused the stain deeper into the fibres, making them harder to remove in the long run.

Create new house rules

Finally, prevention is always better than cure. So why not establish some new house rules after your spring clean?

Start with the basics and kick your shoes off at the door. Invest in a shoe rack or designated area by the door; you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

But, keep your socks on. Bare feet can spread dirt, dust and grease? As lovely as it sounds, it’s true!

Vacuum frequently, around three times per week, this will reduce the inevitable accumulation of ground-in dirt, which, when combined with liquid can result in stains. We suggest you invest in a Sebo Hoover, perfect for commercial and domestic use and they are designed to give excellent performance, super easy, comfortable and convenient to use.

It may be time to consider a new carpet to start the summer months off with afresh? With over 50 years experience let Maltby’s of Chester offer their expertise and help you choose the right carpet for you and your family’s needs.

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