Getting a feeling for flooring

Getting a feeling for flooring

Something we’re sure of is that we’re passionate about flooring, the latest trends and the best materials for the job so, whether you’re renovating or sprucing up your home, we’ve selected our favourite styles for Summer 2018.

Perfect Parquet

With the continuous love for all things geometric, there’s nothing quite like investing in a trend that’s here to stay. Engineered hardwood floors have all the natural beauty of solid wood with unique patterns, beautiful colours and gorgeous finishes that add a little luxury to your lifestyle. Why not visit Maltby’s of Chester for the Woodpecker Flooring that you’ll be proud to show off.

Crazy for cork

Not only is it springy and flaunting a beautiful wooden pattern, cork flooring may be our favourite trend due to its eco-friendly nature. Affordable and adding comfort to your home, we can see why cork flooring is becoming a fast growing trend. 

Terrific Terrazzo

If you’re looking for an easy clean option that is perfect for children and adults alike, terrazzo flooring is a great mix of stone chips, traditionally marble, either weaved in to concrete or encased in resin. What’s more, the unique flooring can be used as an upgrade from lino or vinyls.

Cool carpets

Did you know that models and celebrities traded a traditional red for a gorgeous green carpet at Milan’s fashion week? The Castlemead Roomset carpet from Adams Carpets is a great green for any room and paired with neutral tones such as grey, would be the perfect upgrade to your home.

If you’re ready to make visitors green with envy this year, get in touch with Maltby’s of Chester today and book in for your free measure here.


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