Fake it or break it

Fake it or break it

The summer season may be coming to a close and after a well-loved heat wave, your garden may be looking a little yellow, dry and worse for wear. If you’re looking to keep a luscious green hue gracing your garden for a little longer, why not turn to artificial grass? Secret has it that it’s probably only a stones throw away from your home now. Let us share the major pros and cons to artificial grassy gardens.

1. The mower stays away

It may seem obvious but the beauty of artificial grass is the non-existent mowing! If you are looking to give the garden a quick spruce, there’s no harm in a quick spray with a hosepipe or even a run over with your garden rake - quick, simple and straightforward.

2. It works around you

If you’re a green-fingered garden lover who has moved into a home with an unforgiving garden, you may be experiencing the stress of trying to mould your grass into something that it isn’t. Artificial grass can be perfect not only for small, shady gardens but for balconies and roof terraces that need a splash of green.

3. Banish the brown patches!

Fed up of brown patches in your garden? Artificial grass is great for you pet-owners! Discover a luscious looking lawn without the need to fight against your pooch.

4. There’s a price for everyone

Here at Maltby’s we can offer a range of prices to suit your needs when it comes to artificial grass. Why not come in to see which grass can make your garden greener.

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