Allergy SOS: Reducing Allergens in the Home

Allergy SOS: Reducing Allergens in the Home


Have you ever returned home from a long day, kicked off your shoes, sank onto the sofa and curled your toes into the carpet, ready for a blissful relax, only to end up in a sneezing or coughing frenzy?

Why is this?

Well, the culprit is most likely to be lurking right under your feet.

Allergen Magnet

Allergies can be triggered by many things in the home and your carpet could contain 100 times more allergens than hard floors. Carpets are magnets for allergens such as dust mites, pet dander and molds that can kick off symptoms and provoke reactions like coughing and sneezing.

Are you suffering? Then now is the time for action.

Allergy-prone individuals, including asthmatics, usually avoid fitting carpets in their home completely. But most people don’t realise that removing carpet from your home doesn’t help. Yes, carpets can attract allergens that cause problems, but allergens can be found in the home, carpet or not. In fact carpets can lock allergens down and ensure they are not floating in the air to provoke reactions.

Regular Carpet Maintenance

The real key to reducing allergic reactions caused by allergens in the home is prevention. To prevent dirt, dust mites, mold and pet hairs/skin causing problems for allergy prone individuals, regular maintenance is essential. This means vacuuming no less than once a week and using powerful cleaners. Most allergy-friendly carpets are those that come with the tightest and shortest pile possible, like twist carpet. Ensuring allergens have less places to harbor along with dust and pollutants. Try steam cleaning too, this will also help maintain your flooring as well as keep it looking great.

Vinyl Flooring

If a rigorous maintenance routine isn’t for you, why not try vinyl flooring?

Vinyl is the most popular type of flooring for allergy sufferers. It has a sleek and smooth surface leaving no place for dirt and dust to hide. Also consider laminate flooring which needs no adhesives to be fitted, but is installed with an easy click-into-place system. Both of these types of smooth flooring are less likely to trigger those infuriating allergies.

Hard flooring is easier to maintain than carpet, especially in high traffic areas. Be sure to ventilate your home well during and after hovering or sweeping as this is when the allergen particles will travel through the air.

Do you suffer from allergies? With over 50 years experience let Maltby’s of Chester offer their expertise and help you choose the right carpet or to meet you and your family’s needs.

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