6 Signs You Need A New Carpet For Christmas

6 Signs You Need A New Carpet For Christmas

To quote Andy Williams, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, as well as being the season when guests will be flooding into your home and across your carpets.

You’re probably already planning the big clean and getting the decorations out of the loft, so if you’re making all that effort you don’t want your untidy old carpet letting you down in front of your festive visitors now, do you?

Don’t just deck the halls for your guests this Christmas, check out our guide below and if two or more of the below signs seem familiar, you should probably roll out a brand new carpet too…

Stains That Won’t Budge

It was soft, bright and vibrant. You loved your new carpet. Then life happened…parties, kids and pets and clumsy moments. If you’re hiding an increasing number of stubborn stains on your carpet with strategically placed furniture, it’s time for a new carpet, perhaps one with a stain-resistant finish?

Unseasonal Whiffs

Forever spritzing freshener on carpets to mask funny odours? No matter how careful you are stains and smells will take hold eventually, as the fibres in carpets attract and hold dust and moisture. Over time, moisture can turn to musty smelling mildew, while carpets walk walked over by pets can also hold some strange smells. So, don’t put your guests off Christmas dinner, why welcome them in with that unmistakable ‘new carpet smell’ – we can even advise on the most stain and odour-resistant products for your home.

Threadbare Patches

Spotted some frayed edges, matted areas, tears or threadbare patches on your carpet? Wear and tear is perfectly normal, in particular in high footfall areas like the hall, landing or stairway.

Limp & Lifeless Underlay

Experiencing less than a spring in your step when you walk on your carpet? Underlay makes a huge difference to the feeling of walking on a carpet as it supports it and makes them comfortable and plush. Unfortunately, carpet padding also absorbs spills and dirt over time, squeezing the life out of the padding and causing wrinkles, unevenness and crinkling, a sure sign a replacement is needed. If you want yourself and your guests to enjoy the sensation of thick, comfy carpet between your toes on Christmas morning, there is still time to order at Maltby’s!

Allergies Going Crazy

Have you noticed an increase in your allergy symptoms, or those of your loved ones? Allergens reside in the cracks, crevices and fibres of older carpets, so if you’re suffering or have guests with allergies, now is the to replace and refresh your flooring to ensure easy breathing and less sneezing over the Christmas season.

“My Granny Used To Have That Carpet…”

If you’ve heard this even once, you know it’s time to give your carpet a trend overhaul. Whatever your budget and whatever your taste – from contemporary to traditional – Maltby’s will have a pile to suit your style, just pop into our showroom to see! 

Want a new carpet in time for Christmas? Here at Maltby’s of Chester, we fit carpets right up to Christmas Eve but get in touch soon to book your slot!

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