5 Signs You Need a New Carpet for Christmas

5 Signs You Need a New Carpet for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Following a busy spring/summer you aren’t alone in looking to make a permanent change as we enter 2020. At Maltby’s of Chester, we understand that one of the most used fittings in your home can often be the most overlooked.

Lifeless Underlay

Not got that familiar spring in your step? Underlay is crucial for that soft bounce as you walk and is often forgotten when looking to replace the carpet that’s been there since you moved in. If you’re not convinced, underlay can make your carpet last up to 40% longer.

Wear and Tear

Suffering from frayed edges, matting or threadbare patches?

To be expected in areas of the house where footfall is high, it may be time to stop ignoring the thin patch in the hallway and replace it in time for the holiday season.

Are Carpets bad for allergies?

Allergens can reside in crevices and fibres of older carpets that don’t have the same performance characteristics as new, modern carpets. Refresh your flooring, breathe easy and be a little less sneezy over the Christmas period.

“I had a similar carpet in the 70’s”

If you’ve heard this or similar, you are D E F I N I T E L Y in need of a new carpet! Make a statement, impress your guests this Christmas and lay your hallways with our Ulster Open Spaces range.

Stains that won’t budge

We’ve all been there, happily hosted the family summer barbecues and now an accumulation of all varieties of stains have joined you for winter that can’t be removed. It’s time to re-group and replace with one of our Cormar Carpets, easy-to-clean carpet for a stain-free front room.

With over 70 years' experience let Maltby’s of Chester lend their expertise and help you choose the perfect accompaniment for your living space.

Contact us to get your free quote today and book a free measure.

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