2021 Staircase Trends

2021 Staircase Trends



Are you thinking of changing up your staircase? These 2021 trends can help you find the right fit for you


One of the main focus points when you first enter someone’s home is the stairs. Keeping up to date with trends means that as well as selecting the best look, you can also set your homes tone and create a lasting impression on visitors.
A staircase is the connector between the floors of your house, due to the size of them and positioning in your home, it is often what people are first drawn to and they’re almost a room of their own. The stairs are also the puzzle piece to help meld other spaces together, so ensuring you pick the right style is important and will impact the interior style. Keep reading to discover some of the best 2021 staircase trends.

Stair runners

Stair runners provide several functions such as providing traction on slippy surfaces, protecting against wear and tear and can hide a staircase which may not be in the greatest condition. As well as this, of course, stair runners are stylish and a decorative choice for all styles of homes. Whether you are looking for a patterned eye-catching runner or a practical, understated one, there is something for all households. Roger Oates runners are particularly popular at the moment, pop into our store to see their collection of patterns and colours.

Grey carpets

Another trend is the colour grey, which has found its way into many people’s homes. Grey carpets have been popping up more and more recently and is a very stylish choice in contemporary homes. Grey can be the perfect choice for a staircase as the understated colour is aesthetically pleasing however, will also not take away from any other bold features that a staircase or hallway may poses.

Exposed metal

Since the start of the 2020 pandemic, the outdoors has become very precious in many peoples lives. Architects and designers have also taken inspiration from this, connecting the indoors with the outdoors. Industrial finishes and stripped back styles have become very popular with homeowners. It appeals to many people who love interior spaces but also want to add texture and character into their staircases.

Bold statements

Give your staircase that wow factor with bold styles and dramatic colours, this year it’s all about making a statement. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and that can start with your stairs.

Are you ready to revamp your staircase? Get in touch with Maltby’s of Chester today to create your perfect staircase look. The team are highly experienced and can help you select the best stair style for your home. Contact us today online or on the phone and one of our team members will assist you.




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